Find a crew

We leave from the kitchen, turn to the right, we reach the microphone and ask for help. We speak with Andrew. We look at the shield on the left and press E. Further 3 times on the red button, however, will not work. Plan B is to find the entrance to the ventilation shaft. To the right of the kitchen we find the door, behind it is a warehouse, then we’ll find the entrance to the mine.

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Right at the entrance we find a flashlight. We go straight, then two times to the right, and then to the left. We’ll get to the door at the top, however. it is closed. We return to the very beginning, to the place where the flashlight was picked up. We go from this place right up to the stop, then turn right and go along the corridor. We reach the stairs upward.

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Now we need to get to the bridge. We go along the corridors and reach a slightly clamped door. We squat and find the microphone on the left. We speak with Andrews. He tells us that his card is on the table. We select it and go to the combter on the right. In ID, enter ANDREWS, and in password A702193. Follow the instructions Andrews. The connection is interrupted, enter the HELP command. We read what commands there are. Now you need:

Enter LIST
Enter LIST
Enter OPEN PressureLevels.txt
Enter SF Electronics
Enter the List
Enter  SCAN bridge.scn
Enter Connect airlock
Now you can enter the numbers that you saw earlier in the text file. Namely:

Piston 1 set (39.005)
Piston 2 set (47.352)
Piston 3 set (54.868)
Piston 4 set (65.379)
Figures can differ, they can be found in the file PressureLevels.txt.

We save and enter the SHUTDOWN command.

We go outside and talk to Andrew, he says that now it is necessary to go into the cargo compartment and open the hatches.

We leave for the cargo hold

To get into the cargo hold, use the elevator on the left side along the corridor. When we come down, we go forward and come to the control room door, there are steps leading up to it. However, there is no electricity, and yet, without a map, we will not get inside. We get down from the steps and go left. Sit down to go under the huge gates, and activate 3 generators. We approach them and pinch E, move the mouse down and up. So we activate all 3 generators and the current will be restored.

We leave and go forward. We will see a fire escape on the wall. From it we move a little to the left and then to the right, so that we are in a separate room. There on the table we will see the map of Mitch – we take it, apply it to the terminal and enter the control room. Sit down at the computer on the left side, get down to work.

Open the cargo compartment hatches

Enter the ID – Mitch and the password – 31101995. Then click on the commands:

Open any folder with the command – SF NAME_PACKER, however, nothing happens. It is necessary to eliminate errors in the system.
We enter SF .. so many times until we find ourselves in the main directory. We enter LIST.
Another program is launched. It shows that we do not have enough spare drive – a portable drive. We get up from behind the computer and return to a separate room, where we found the map of Mitch. On the wall, to the right of the table, hang shelves – the disk is located in the lower corner. We take it and insert it into the computer with which we worked recently. Repeat the steps to call the Kronos.trm utility. It is necessary to select the right file from a number of files, that is, we sort through all the files until we see the message BACKUP COMPLETE.


Step A

Press the tab key to change the monitor and read the detailed instruction. As we enter the Mitch account, re-enter the data on the computer on the left side. We use the following commands:

The next program is launched. We lower the pressure to the minimum and continue programming.

Step B

SF ..
LIST (in the Mitch directory)
In the next program in 2 lines on the left we expose everything to zero. Do the same with the right lines. The lines to the left and remain with zeros, and in the drains to the right you need to enter the desired value. We use for this purpose the formula, which is described on the right – W = V * A. V and A are shown for each line. For example, on the top right we see 150V / 22A. Multiply 150 by 22, and then divide by 1000, in order to get in kW, and not just in W. We need to get 3.31 kW.

But you do not need to enter this value. It is necessary to reduce by the amount that is indicated under the formula – look for TOLERANCE = -0.5. That is, we subtract 0.5 from the value found. E

Step C

We close the program, then continue:

SF ..
In the next program all the “keys” are put out this way: they should look straight to the right, after that the “key” at the bottom left is raised 45 degrees upward. Confirm the action. In case of a problem, we simply try to pick up other “keys”.

Step D

We close the program and continue to enter the code:

SF ..
In the new program in 4 lines we look at the percentages on the right side. From the top down, we set:% 90.0,% 0.0,% 20.0,% 100.0. On the right, BALANCED should appear on the top. As soon as this happens, the protagonist will comment on the success. If the data does not fit, then adjust further.


Step E

SF ..
A new program opens in which you will have to enter unique commands:

opn taz2h
opn s2q6y
opn qzaxx
opn l2ht4
The inscriptions after the OPN command will be INNER !!! Simply enter the names of each of the four hatches on top.



Find Leah and Mitch

We leave to the beginning of the cargo compartment. On the right side of the elevator there is an intercom button – interact with it, so contact Andrews and learn about the new task. You need to find Mitch, who is in the hangar or in the emergency room.

We use the elevator, in order to rise, go straight, and then to the right. A little further to the passage to the bridge we find an opening with slightly open gates of red color. We bend down and pass under these gates, follow the white and yellow lines. As we get into the corridor, we will hear how the hero will try to be heard by Mitch.

We pass through the door on the left side, try to open the next one, use the button on the right side, however, it does not work. On the right side we see the pot – we approach it, we open our way to the ventilation shaft. We reach the required room and go through the doors to the emergency room. Here we find the corpses of Mitch and Leah. We see the Andrews token in the hands of Mitch.

Communication and navigation compartment

We are looking for an intercom in the emergency room near the door, we communicate with Andrews. He talks about the need to be on the upper deck. We go to the elevator, which descended into the cargo. compartment, and follow upstairs along the stairs beside it. We move along the blue line, we will slow down in the corridor near the open rooms. We see ahead of the open ventilation with fire. On the right side there is an intercom – contact Andrews, he says that you can get to the navigation compartment only through open space. We pass along the line to the left, to the lock in the open space, interact with 1 of 2 suits on the right side. How to put on a suit, enter the lock and wait.

We move to the right along the ship and at the top we will soon notice the light bulbs that sparkle. There is a hatch leading to the navigation compartment. We fly to him.

We crawl under the gate and enter the room on the left side. We’ll see the terminal from the front, and on the right side we’ll see the intercom. We speak with Andrews. Next, we approach the terminal and sit down for it.

Radar and distress signal

Enter HELP to learn about terminal management. Then we proceed as follows:

62621 (we enter that port, near which there is an inscription LISTENER)

Then another set of commands:

66832 (we enter the port, near which there is an inscription LISTENER)
Cooper said after that about the success and that it’s time to look at the radar.

Values ​​that are recorded above you may not meet. When you enter the ARP command, we’ll see the IP addresses. The final digits of addresses other than the 1st will be different. There are only 4 addresses that start at 192.168.1. We check them with the Listen + IP address command. For an individual address, this command knocks out the 4th line with an add. ports. We need only the lines to the right of which there is LISTENER !!!! We pass to another address, if this word is not present.

We are still interested in 2 and 3 address, regardless of the last digits (where we will find the necessary ports). Let’s imagine that the second place when entering the command ARP was the address Enter the command listen and see the 4th line. In the third line we see the word LISTENER. As we see this word, we enter the next command with this address, in order to make a connection to it – connect We see that there was a line with the input of the port – we indicate the digits of the port, which are in the line with the inscription LISTENER.

We do the same actions for the 3rd address, in order to make a connection to the port, and then close the terminal using ESC. We approach the computer on the table on the left side – through it we can control the radar.

Pay attention to the paper on the left side at the top of the screen. We see the inscription CODE and 2 more digits. Remember these figures, and then pay attention to the list on the right of the screen. Near each digit there is a code of 3 letters. For example, figure 04, and near them we see BCI. We remember the BCI and exit the ESC terminal. Turn around and inspect the table. We see a note with the Morse code. Find the values ​​for the letters and remember them.

We enter the same terminal where we see the map, and proceed to the input. Use the S key. Point – press S, dash – hold S. Enter the code for a certain letter, click on the spacebar and proceed to the introduction of the next letter. When we enter all 3 letters, then press Enter to send a message about help.

Engine room

We find an intercom and say Andrews, he says that you need to go to the engine room. We leave the room and go left. We will notice that the door opened on the right side of the small opening. We go there and go downstairs. Use the elevator, go a little lower.

We move straight, find ourselves in a multi-tiered room. Now you need to redirect the cooling. Turn left and go left again up the steps. We open the door, in order to find ourselves in the control room. On the right side of the table, we will see the desired scheme.

We leave and go to the multi-tiered structure. We rise on one level, we search for a pipe and we turn the valve on it to the stop clockwise

We leave and go to the multi-tiered structure. We rise to one level, find the pipe and turn the valve on it until it stops clockwise. We rise higher and turn the valve on a similar pipe. We find immediately the red pipe and turn it counterclockwise until it stops. Go down to the level below, look for the red pipe and turn the valve counter-clockwise. We go down, we go to the right and find a white valve. Turn counter-clockwise until it stops.