Walkthrough Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero

Operation “Crouching Horror”

Arrest Lucas, find the three missing soldiers

We go straight along the shaft, until we reach the intersection. Turn to the right and see mutants. We kill them and we pass into the corridor from which they left. We reach the corridor with the railway tracks, go left and turn at the first turn to the left, go straight, we reach the large room, where there is a staircase. We go upstairs, go to the door and go into the room. We are watching the cutscene with Lucas’s participation. We go after him, get into the room with the contaminated air, go left, then right to the right and go along the tables. At the end of the room there will be a door, and a table with an injector behind it. In this room to the right of the table there will be a door, behind which there is clean air. There our stock of air will be replenished.

Here clean air

We pass through the door, behind it will be contaminated air. Kill the mutant and click on the elevator button in front. We go in the elevator and go down. We leave in a large room, then we find cartridges, and on the table there is a dictaphone, we save the game. On the right there are red gates, raise them. We go through the cave, on the left we find a soldier, he is locked, we go to the right after the key. We sit in the elevator and climb. We leave, go to the right, deal with the mutants and go to the right along the railway tracks. We select cartridges and go for the trolley with stones, we will find a grenade and a gear:

Behind this trolley is a gear and a grenade

Return to the center of the room, where we find the key to the camera:

Camera key

However, the container rises to the top, we turn back and go straight, looking left down. There we find the winch device, apply the gear to it, however, we need another handle. We look around and soon find it, it is in the same room not far from the center:

To the left of the handle we select stunning grenades. Install the handle and turn. The boss will appear, however, he does not need to try to kill. Just take it aside and run to the key, then back to the elevator. We approach the camera and open the grate. We watch the cutscene and select the filter, we return to the big room, to where we saved the game on the recorder.

We find in that room the gate is green and open them. We get down down, we open the door with the valve. We fall into a room with two doors, we pass into the one on the left. We go straight and then left along the corridor. We fall into the labyrinth, our task is to find antiregenerative bullets. If we try hard we will find them. Here is the door, behind which we will find everything you need:

Behind this door you will find bullets of PUMBD and a night vision device

Anti-regeneration bullets (PUMBD)

With the help of these bullets we can kill the local mutants. Immediately find the night vision device:

Night-vision device

We leave this door and immediately turn right. Previously, we could not go there because of the dark, but now with the device we go to the grating, we open it. We break the boxes and find the injector. We jump into the passage in the floor. We go straight and reach 3 levers. Set the side levers up, and the middle one down. We go further and reach the elevator, call it and sit down. Arriving, we leave and go along the corridor, shoot a special bullet at the enemy, and then normal.

Near the turrets, you just need to sit down and go, so they can not shoot at us.

Continue the path along the corridor and reach the lattice, open it, on the right will be waiting for two mutants and just three turrets. We go in the opposite direction from these turrets, we kill the mutants, before the turn to the right we squat and we go towards the turret. A little wandering, we find the door through which we got into this labyrinth. We go back to the green gate. Now we go to the gray gate, behind which there is darkness, however, we already have a night vision device.