Walkthrough Hello Neighbor

Walkthrough Hello Neighbor

Act I

We get down on the road and go to the neighbor’s house, look at his window and watch what he does. He will catch us and we will be, as always near his house. We begin to inspect the neighbor’s house. We go around it on the left and get to the back yard. Here we see a cage, which closes the access to the stairs upward. Also notice to the right of the cell window, to look at it you need to put 3 boxes on top of each other to climb them. These boxes will be seen to the left of the cage. We put them and look at what’s inside.

And inside, we see a spanner, which is needed to open this cage, because instead of a lock on it, a bolt with a nut. We go around the back of the house on the right side and climb into the house. To get into the utility room with a spanner you need to find a silver key.

But first you need to go up to the 2nd floor. To the left of the main entrance we see a shelf with yellow shelves. We take the garbage can and put it on the topmost shelf. We need to grab something else to break the window on the second floor. So, from the tank jump on the visor and go to the right until we come across the windows.

We break it and get inside. Inside, we see the lever, just in case, we lower it. See another picture, take it off and see the passage to another room:

We pass inside, we see one more lever, we interact with it, until it is known what it is for. On the other wall we see a hanger, and on it there is a key. This key – from the trunk of the car, standing at the neighbor’s house.

We return back to the car, in the trunk there will be a magnet. With this magnet we run to the window in the back room. Climb the boxes and turn on the magnet. Thus, the wrench will not attract, but the picklock will be attracted, which we will open the lock hanging on the door of the utility room.

Here is the key near:

We run to the cage and open it, climb the stairs to the roof. We get down through the break in the roof into the room, where we find the red key:

We break the window and go down. The key must be applied to the door with a red lock, this door leads to the basement.


We enter through the main doors and turn right, open another door, in that room and find the door to the basement. We go down downstairs, we approach the washing machine and open it, there will be a secret passage. We go along the corridor and get into the room. We jump into the window, it will end up not a window, but its imitation. We appear in a secret room. We see the shield, but we do not lower the lever, since the mechanism that lifts the grate in the doorway that is next to it will be de-energized. We lower the small lever to raise the grate in the opening. We pass inside and go into the corridor, inspect all the rooms, in one of them we will find a flashlight. Wandering around the cellar until we reach the opening, closed by a brick, to the left of this opening we find a shield that periodically hisses from the current.

To disconnect it, you need to go to the very first room of the basement, there you need to pull the lever and turn off the current. We did not touch this lever because it powered the grill mechanism, but now we can lower it. We lower and go back to the shield, there the checkered gate will be open, we go inside and press the button of some device. We see in this room a mountain of trash:

We climb on this trash, from it we go on a grid and we jump into a new room, where the chair propches the door. Immediately see the grate, pull the lever to open it:

We go inside, the neighbor will follow us. As a result, we are at a dead end. On this Act I passing Hello neighbor / Hello Neighbor is over.